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The Oak Ridges Moraine

The Oak Ridges Moraine extends from Caledon in the west to Castleton in the east, running north of Toronto and south of Rice Lake. This 12,000 year old glacial feature is made of sands and gravels deposited by melt-waters running off a huge ice sheet at the end of the last ice age. The landscape covers numerous aquifers below the ground and beautiful rolling hills above.

The Oak Ridges Moraine Photo Club is an opportunity for you to view and contribute photographic information about this geological feature and its many import attributes.

This site is a project of the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust and is designed to encourage photographers of every level to get outside to explore, discover and share this incredibly unique landform. The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust works with private landowners to protect these precious lands forever. Learn more about the Trust and committed landowners here.

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Learn more about the Oak Ridges Moraine

Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust

The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust has lots of great information, including facts, figures and history on their website. The site also includes information about how you can help protect the Moraine forever.

Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA)

Are you new to the Moraine or maybe you are just looking to explore a bit further. The best place to get started is the Oak Ridges Trail Association’s trail directory and map. The trail guide can be purchased online or you can explore a number of trails on your desktop.

Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation

The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation has a long history of providing community grants to partners looking to protect the Moraine. Their website includes important report cards that assess the health of the Moraine.

Moraine Can’t Wait

The Moraine Can’t Wait campaign is an initiative of Ontario Nature, Earthroots and Save the Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition. Their site includes facts and figures as well as more information about their work.

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