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McLeod BioBlitz

Bio Blitz

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Mallard Male swimming_Nokiida.jpg

Catherine Marshall

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Early Morning Dew

David Love

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Northern cardinal (chick)

Garry Conway

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so many shapes & sizes!

Red Trillium

Ken Jarvis

I like taking the time to to walk the many trails and forest in my area. I like the challenge of photographing flowers, plants and trees and of course wildlife.

Mythical Reality

Kristie Virgoe

I'm just starting my photo taking journey - still so much to learn but I'm having a lot of fun! Nature is my favourite subject!

Bond Lake, Oak Ridges

Leanne Stevens

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Lori Checkowy

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The first snowfall on the Oak Ridges Trail

Mike Patrick

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Baby, it's cold outside!

Mike Shackleford

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Grey tree frog (Hyla versicolor)

Paul Abell

This album contains photos of subjects largely shot at the ORMLT's StarCliff Nature Reserve, but also at other ORMLT properties and throughout the Oak Ridges Moraine in general.

Mosquito_Before-Happy Valley.jpg

Peter Rivington

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Casey enjoying shade at Sheppard's Bush

Sharon Bradley

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StarCliff Nature Reserve - Stewardship

This album contains photos shot during Nature Reserve Stewardship at the StarCliff Nature Reserve in King Township. For information about Nature Reserve Stewardship at StarCliff and how to volunteer with it, please go to


Wilson Markle

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