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Member Challenge

In this collection of albums we challenge members to put their photographic skills and creativity to work. Spend an hour, a day, or a weekend searching the Moraine for interesting and challenging images that you can shoot and upload to your favourite Focus Here album. By taking on the challenge you can make a personal contribution to creating a visual photographic impression of the Oak Ridges Moraine.


2015, Fall Challenge

Thanksgiving is a great time to take photographs of friends, family, farmer’s markets, harvesting, vegetable gardens and of course – Fall colours. At this time of year the sky is usually clearer with the sun lower in the sky and on sunny days it produces deeper shadows and richer colours that will make photographs look more vibrant. During the Thanksgiving season your Focus Here challenge is to shot photographs that create a sense of thanks and awareness of the bounties provided by the Oak Ridges Moraine. For example an outdoor family event, purchasing food at a farmers market or harvesters on farm fields.
* When uploading select the Thanksgiving album from the Focus Here dropdown menu.

2015, Summer Challenge

Moonscapes (full moon July 31st)
The Challenge for July isn’t to travel to the moon but rather shoot landscapes by the light of the full moon. July has 2 full moons, one at the beginning of the month and one at the end of the month, July 31st. (blue moon – when there are two full moons in the same month). During any of the evenings surrounding the full moon your challenge is to go out and shoot landscape photographs using the light of the moon. If you miss the July full moon the next full moons in 2015 are; August 29th., September 27th., October 27th., November 25th. and December 25th.
* When uploading select the Moon album from the Focus Here dropdown menu.

See Photo Tips > Moon light photography

Anytime of year sunsets can be spectacular. During the summer months concentrate on taking photographs of colourful or silhouetted shapes in front of the sunset. While looking for great sunset shots don’t forget to look in the opposite direction as sometimes the best sunset shots are found in the warm colour glow and long shadows cast by the sun.
* When uploading select the Sunset album from the Focus Here dropdown menu

Dew drops
Early morning dew drops can create exceptional images for nature photographers. The summer months provide a great opportunity to catch the early morning lighting at sun rise as dew forms on plants, grasses, spider webs and tree buds. Its a good time to use a macro lens or setting on your camera and catch the lighting and reflections up close.
* When uploading select the Dew album from the Focus Here dropdown menu.

Leaf shapes
If your not inclined to be an early morning riser then searching for interesting or unique leaf shapes can be done anytime of day. The shape may be caused by normal leaf growth or the result of some other natural phenomena such as insect eating, decay or wind.
* When uploading select the Leaf album from the Focus Here dropdown menu.

Youth Challenge

Favourite Places
Whether its a biking, hiking or riding trail, a lake or hanging out under the shade of a tree your challenge is to take lots of photographs of your favourite Moraine places and upload them to the site.
* When uploading select the Places album from the Focus Here dropdown menu

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