How to join the Oak Ridges Moraine Photo Club

To become a member go to Register Here near the top of the Home page or REGISTER in the left column, read the Terms of Use, then click I agree to open the registration form, write down the User Name and Password you type into the form. Now your registration information is in the system.

Type your User Name and Password into the Login Form, the same User Name and Password you used to register as a member.

The first time you Login an Album is created for you that can be found in the Members page.

  • The Name for your Album is the User Name you used to register and Login
  • Members are listed alphabetically by the first letter in your name.

While you are Logged in the text Upload Photo will be visible on the left side of your Album. Once opened the directions for Uploading Photographs become visible.

While you are Logged in there are Upload bars toward the bottom of the Albums, Focus Here and My Moraine pages for your convenience. It makes no difference which one you use.

You must be logged in to upload photos or make comments.

Your Personal Album

The name of your Album will be the USER name you typed when you registered. After you’ve logged in you can go to your Album and press the Edit albuminfo link to edit your Album name, if you wish. Keep in mind that this name is how your friends and colleagues will find your Album. Many members prefer to use their real name for this reason. While you are editing your Album cover you may also want to add some information about yourself by editing the Album description.

  • To find your Album go to Member and scroll to your Album or
  • Type your Album name in the Search Photos text box in the left column and type your name.

You must be Logged in to Upload a Photograph or make a Comment. If you are not Logged in the Upload link is not visible.

Edit Your Profile

If you would like to change your Display Name you can do this in your profile page, this is the name that will be associated associated with your photographs and comments that are displayed on this site.

  • In your profile go to the Nick Name field and type the name that you want to use if it is not already there
    (it is best if its the same name you use for your Album).
  • Go to the Display Name field and choose it from the drop down list then press the Update button
    (if you don’t see it in the drop down list, scroll down to the Update Button and press it then select the name and press the Update button again).

While you are in your Profile page you can add a brief biography and change your Password to one that you’ll find easier to remember. You can go back to this page anytime you are logged in and change the information.

Prepare your Photograph for Uploading

Photographs taken on high resolution cameras can produce large files that will take a considerable amount of time when uploading to an Internet site. In such situations it is advisable to resize your photographs before uploading. Resize your photograph to 1024 pixels and if your program asks to compress the photograph say no or use the 100% setting, otherwise you may get a double compression when uploaded and it may reduce the quality of your photograph.

If you are familiar with Photo-editing software such as Corel Photo Paint or Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom you can use it to Resample or Resize your photographs to the desired size. Many cameras have menu options that will allow you to make a smaller copy of your photograph.

  • For information on how to resize on a Mac Computer goto:

Apple support

  • For information on how to resize on a Windows Computer goto:

Windows FAQ

Select a location

Before uploading your photograph enlarge the map and find the area where your photograph was taken. You can view the map in the My Moraine menu or after you have logged in it is also available through the Upload menu bar.

Upload your Photographs

When you are Logged in you may upload photographs at the bottom of the Albums, Focus Here and My Moraine pages or in your Member Album. All uploads will be moderated and approved before appearing in the public galleries. Photographs not related to the Moraine or deemed inappropriate for the Club will not be approved for public viewing.

Uploading Directions are available on the Upload Screen

1. Choose the file you would like to Upload.
2. Enter a photo name and description.
3. Select the County where your photograph was taken.
4. Select up to two Albums or a Focus Here project .
(Press Ctrl or Command click for second Album)
5. Upload your photograph.
6. Go to your Member Album where you may View, Edit or Delete your photo.

Editing your Uploaded Photograph

Once your photograph is uploaded,

  • You may view your photograph in your members album or the Albums you Tagged,
  • You can edit or delete it if you wish.

In the edit screen you may,

  • rotate your photograph,
  • change the name,
  • change or update the description,
  • Add Tags (Albums) if you missed doing so when you uploaded,

When finished press the Exit and Refresh button.